Still flying

Hi folks! I got to thinking about the lovely people who read this blog last year when I learned to fly, and how I miss your virtual company now that daily life has removed my time for regular blogging.

I still have the bug. Flew on Sunday for the first time in 6 weeks, just an hour of circuits but they were 6 very good takeoffs and landings with not a dud in the lot of them. And, spent the day learning about our club’s lovely “new” glass cockpit Cherokees with the full Avidyne outfit inside. Learned how to use GPS as a secondary means of navigation and very excited about its possibilities.

I’m in the place I knew I was headed for, in which I fly nowhere near as much as I would like. The Sydney summer has been one of the wettest on record, so even when time has been available to me, the weather has got in the way …

But I find ways to make every flight count. I’ve always got learning objectives or safety or procedure practice goals set for myself, and this gives purpose and meaning to every flight, even if it’s just the standard 3 takeoffs and landings to maintain my passenger carrying currency.

So… Thinking of you … Joe, Flying Gma, Flying Ninja and others. How the hell much fun is it to fly, eh?

5 responses to “Still flying

  1. G’day, Dave,

    I still keep my eye on your writing and flying, and like you, I have slowed down a little in my writing because of the other demands of life creeping in from all other directions. Your blog remains one of my favorites for use in class when discussing flying and flight instruction with he young students.

    Take care,

  2. Hi Dave,
    I am an Aussie living in Germany, and learning to fly here. I just came across your blog and have enjoyed it so much, I would have liked to record my lessons like you have but I couldn’t have done such a good job as you. I haven’t flown for 6 weeks thanks to north German winter and business trips and really hurting for the lack of flying, reading you blog has helped though.

    Like a kid saving lollies I have saved some of your blog for later….

    All the best


    • So glad you’ve enjoyed my blo, MO, and thanks so much for taking the time to let me know. Have just blogged about a magnificent flight I enjoyed yesterday, all too rare right now, but all the more enjoyable I guess …

  3. Hey Dave,
    Good to see you’re still keeping the rage.
    I’ve slipped into “non-current” territory due to a whole lot of work-related issues over the past few months.
    But I try to stay interested via your blog and other reading material.
    Maybe one day, I’ll head back into the skies again. Just very, very difficult at this time.

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