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Medical cleared

Woohoo! Medical certificate arrived in the mail today from CASA. No medical barriers to getting my license …

So off to the club (Schofields) ASAP to get the Student License and ASIC applications processed, and we’re on our way. Also going to look into doing (at least some of) the theory exams early.

Last hurdle cleared

And in breaking news, work has approved my 2-month leave application for March/April 2011. So having passed the medical last week, we’re all set to go!

Passed the medical!

Passed my medical with flying colours! (Couldn’t resist the pun). OK, last hurdle is arranging 2 months off from work …

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Wish me luck!

Got my aviation medical exam tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes …

Aviation medical next week – fingers crossed

So, I’ve got an appointment with a DAME next week (that’s right, a DAME – Designated Aviation Medical Examiner) to obtain my Class 2 Medical Certificate. This is necessary to obtain your Student Pilot License in Australia.

Although it’s just over 4 months until I plan to actually start my flying training, I want to get the medical thing out of the way up front. Firstly, passing the medical exam and then applying through CASA (the Civil Aviation Safety Authority) for the required medical certificate can, I understand, take a little time. I’d really rather have this (and all the other paperwork) all sorted before I walk in the door to the flying school on day 1.

Also, I want to satisfy the niggling, ever-so-tiny voice in my mind that keeps whispering, “What if you don’t pass the medical? If you don’t pass, you won’t be able to fly!”

Objectively speaking, I know that there’s an extremely small chance of this eventuating. I’m only going for a Class 2 medical – not a Class 1, which is the more stringent, for commercial pilots and flight crew. Experienced pilot friends of mine advise me that it’ll all be fine, and I’m sure it will be. But given that I’m about 15 kg overweight (though losing it), and I’m (successfully) medicated for a borderline hypertension condition, I just want to tick the medical box off 100% before I spend any serious money and further time on flying training. After all – if the worst did come to the worst, and I wasn’t allowed to fly – the whole flying plan would come to a screaming halt very, very quickly.

It’s just a very slight situation of limbo. Every post I make on this blog between now and when I obtain medical clearance is predicated on the assumption that I’ll be learning to fly. Only after the medical hurdle is cleared will assumption turn into certainty.

Roll on Tuesday 26 October! That’s when things get started. Ideally, the DAME will clear me following the initial examination. Or, it’s possible – not sure how likely, but possible – that further testing would be required. Or – very unlikely, but still possible – the worst case outcome, as I mentioned above.

Intriguingly, DAMEs are also tasked to be on the lookout for indicators of poor mental health. So I’ll have to be at my most sane on the day …

Stay tuned, readers, you’ll know more when I do.