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Air Law is killing me …

My head is swimmming with half-digested facts about Air Law. And I’m not that confident that I actually remember that many of them.

It’s not that it’s all particularly hard. And it’s very, very necessary. Even vaguely interesting in parts. But I find that, of the entire theory syllabus for the Private Pilot Licence, Air Law is the stuff I struggle with most.

It’s probably not been helped by the fact that my theory textbooks are 3 years old and partly out of date, so far as the Air Law component is concerned. Since those books were published there have been major amendments to Australian air traffic control regulations (the introduction of Class D airspace in mid-2010) and – in general – a lot of consolidation and reorganisation of the Aeronautical Information Package (which is one of the major repositories of aviation regulation to which Australian pilots refer). Consequently, some of the Air Law references and exam questions in my old text books are out of date. I’ve had to work extra hard at figuring out which stuff is still current, and which is superceded.

By way of compensation, and to make sure I’m working off current rules and regulations, last week I bought a recent text focusing specifically on Air Law. I’ve read and worked through it, and that’s helped. Thank goodness. But now, I’ve been rolling around in Air Law for a week and it’s done my head in. Time to step away, I think.

Thank goodness the exams are open-book and I can have all of the rules and regulations in there with me!