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Cherokee at sunrise


From a flight a couple of months ago … Just lovely

Still flying

Hi folks! I got to thinking about the lovely people who read this blog last year when I learned to fly, and how I miss your virtual company now that daily life has removed my time for regular blogging.

I still have the bug. Flew on Sunday for the first time in 6 weeks, just an hour of circuits but they were 6 very good takeoffs and landings with not a dud in the lot of them. And, spent the day learning about our club’s lovely “new” glass cockpit Cherokees with the full Avidyne outfit inside. Learned how to use GPS as a secondary means of navigation and very excited about its possibilities.

I’m in the place I knew I was headed for, in which I fly nowhere near as much as I would like. The Sydney summer has been one of the wettest on record, so even when time has been available to me, the weather has got in the way …

But I find ways to make every flight count. I’ve always got learning objectives or safety or procedure practice goals set for myself, and this gives purpose and meaning to every flight, even if it’s just the standard 3 takeoffs and landings to maintain my passenger carrying currency.

So… Thinking of you … Joe, Flying Gma, Flying Ninja and others. How the hell much fun is it to fly, eh?

Waiting … waiting …

Well, I know my PPL application is in process with CASA because I got all the paperwork in the mail last week with a note kindly advising that my CFI had forgotten to include my Student Training Record in the application as required. Grrrr. So a quick visit to the clubhouse yesterday to sort it out with the CFI, and I quickly posted the complete package back to CASA. Hopefully no more than a week’s delay.

As fortune would have it, I’m on the receiving end of a redundancy package and payout with my employer and am finishing work this Friday and on to the job market. Within obvious budget constraints of prudence and devoting the vast bulk of the payout to supporting me while I’m on the job market, I’m hoping to get a few flights in over the next few months after my PPL arrives in the mail …

Landing a Cirrus SR22 In The Dark (via Baden Aviation, LLC.)

Landing a Cirrus SR22 In The Dark Cirrus SR22 on a quarter mile final for runway 22 Caldwell. The Essex County Airport (CDW) is a popular general aviation airport for aircraft traveling to New York City and northern New Jersey.  Do you have amazing aerial pictures  from the cockpit of your aircraft? Send your aerial photos to Baden Aviation and they may end up on our site! … Read More

via Baden Aviation, LLC.

Cessna Skyhawk over Reno Nevada (via Baden Aviation, LLC.)

Cessna Skyhawk over Reno Nevada Awesome reflection of Reno Nevada on the wing of a Cessna Skyhawk 172. Have great inflight aerial photos? Share your aerial photography on Baden Aviation! … Read More

via Baden Aviation, LLC.

Day 17: Lesson 23 – Crosswind takeoffs and landings

Date: 26/03/2011

Hours flown Dual Command Instruments
This flight 1.10 0.00 0.00
Total to date 21.14 1.40 0.70

Just a quick post to get up to date. Went up Saturday in IJD for my mandatory crosswind circuits lesson as weather was finally suitable. Wind from south min 10 max 25 knots, gusting, which was pretty much ideal crosswind conditions with crosswind maximum of 17 knots.

That said, during the lesson the crosswind I actually experienced was not above 10 or 12 knots, but it did quality as crosswind, fortunately. I made a reasonable fist of the hour, crabbing into the wind on my approaches and trying to dip my right wing into the wind on landing.

I would very much like to have more crosswind exposure to the same conditions before experiencing any heavier crosswind, however!

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