Marking time

I’m supposed to fly my second cross-country solo flight tomorrow, but looks as though weather is going to get in the way. There’s a large cold front pushing up from the Antarctic via the southern states and – quite apart from forecast rain and low cloud base – winds of 40 to 45 kilometres per hour are forecast. Unless the weather between now and 9am tomorrow changes drastically – nuh-uh, not this little black duck.

My back-up plan, so’s I don’t waste my drive to the flying club tomorrow, is to sit the exam for my Flight Radiotelephone Operators Licence (FROL) and get that out of the way.

I’m quite sanguine. It’s 3 weeks since my last major flight (to Canberra), but I went up locally with my parents just over a week ago and I now know that between flights I don’t actually forget everything I ever learned about flying! There’s always next week …

So, stuff still to go:

  • FROL theory test (mentioned above)
  • PPL theory test (must sit this soon)
  • 2nd cross-country solo
  • 2 more dual flights – should include Sydney Harbour scenic flight(s) which will be way cool, and
  • Finally, the PPL test flight.

Even if I do just one of these flights every 4 weeks – with some short local or circuit flying here and there, in between – 4 months max and it will all be done.

3 responses to “Marking time

  1. Hi Dave,

    It is interesting to be aware of what you retain, even if you might have a gap in between flights. You’re probably in a very good spot now because of the intensity of your training. You’re probably retaining a lot more than you realise – kind of like muscle memory.

    When I went up in DXW last week, I realised from my log book that it had been about 10 months since I’d flown her. But the dials and checklists all came back, thankfully.

    When you do your PPL theory exam, just remember to read the questions twice/three times. CASA tests are notorious for being comprehension tests more than facts-driven. The most obvious, common-sense answers are often not what’s asked.


  2. Thanks for the tip re the PPL test, Patrick. I’m sitting the exam on 12 June so about to hit the books for revision.

    I probably need to chill out a bit and trust in my training so far and my ability to retain knowledge and “feel”. Looks like my final solo nav scheduled for Wednesday may be cancelled for the 2nd week in a row due weather …

  3. Dave, what a bold adventure you’ve undertaken — did the harmonica get boring or something? Kelley will be thrilled and a little nervous to hear of your new hobby. When are you coming back north of the equator? We’d love to catch up with you sometime. We are headed to Italy tomorrow for 2 weeks, back June 19. Anytime after that, we’re ready for a visit from you and yours. Can you fly that far yet? 🙂

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