Day 12: Lesson 14 – 9th circuit lesson

Date: 17/03/2011

Hours flown Dual Command Instruments
This flight 2.20 0.00 0.00
Total to date 14.94 0.00 0.00

Weather this morning is a bit ordinary, but it’s been OK for circuits and we got up for an hour at 0830. Hopefully it will hold off enough for another lesson at 1100.

Not much to write about for this lesson. More circuits. Right circuits today (runway 11R). Basic feedback from instructor is that he thinks I’m ready to solo, but he still wants to get me doing smoother landings with flare a little lower than what I’m doing, and holding back a bit further and better on the control yoke. He describes it as “the difference between learning to fly, and learning to be a pilot” – he wants to train me to do the latter. As do I.

Mercifully, it’s a bit cooler today so we missed (or, in fact, didn’t miss) the routine sweating in the cockpit during start-up and taxi.

Probably the main thing today was the amount of traffic in the circuit. Maybe it’s because I usually only fly on weekdays at the moment, but I’ve been fortunate in having the circuit mostly to myself up to now. Which is great when you’re learning the basics, but in fact I also need to know how to fly safely in a circuit with other traffic, and there were 2 or 3 others out there with me this morning. This increases the onus on you to maintain a safe lookout and separation from traffic, and also to manage your radio calls with the tower with other aircraft communicating as well.

On the last circuit John simulated an engine failure on climbout. Frankly, at Bankstown there are not many emergency landing options in either the 11R or 29L direction. Lowering my nose, the best I could identify was a busy road off to my left …

Roll on 1100, then an early afternoon home with Laura and Lilu.

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