Day 9: Lesson 11 – 6th circuits lesson

Date: 11/03/2011

Hours flown Dual Command Instruments
This flight 1.12 0.00 0.00
Total to date 10.94 0.00 0.00

Today was an excellent circuits lesson. My instructor speaks in very positive terms about every aspect of it now except the landing flare, which I still haven’t worked out fully. But progress was made on that today too. So we’re getting there.

He’s scheduled a checkride with one of the club’s Grade 1 instructors for next Friday (a week from now) as the last step before first solo, so looks like week after next for first solo if weather cooperates and I get the theory stuff done. (Theory shouldn’t be too much of an issue as I’ve done most of it and just need revision).

Some interesting tangential aspects to today’s lesson:

  1. As I was walking out to my aircraft (SFK again today), a couple of the club’s commercial students brought a twin-engine Duchess in to the area just outside the clubhouse and whipped it around, very rapidly. I don’t think they saw me and I had to scramble to get out of the propwash when they turned it around. My instructor was most scathing about the professionalism of these two pilots, especially that they turned the aircraft so quickly on a rough surface where there are loose stones and gravel (injury risk) and on which there was a good chance of propeller strike. He was at pains to tell me that “they’re not our students” but not sure what he meant by that.
  2. My aircraft was not properly closed out when I got to it. The pilot side window was open (a risk in today’s showery conditions), the flight controls had not been secured with the seat belt, the throttle lock was incorrectly positioned, there was a loose piece of paper in the cabin and the seatbelts had not been arranged as a courtesy to the next occupants. I must be starting to become as crotchety as the old aviators because all I could think of was “poor airmanship”!
  3. We’d planned 2 lessons today, but my aircraft this morning was unserviceable and I have time constraints this afternoon, but we managed to squeeze in today’s lesson with SFK around 1130. Interestingly it was showering only minutes after I got back to the clubhouse! So today’s lesson was lucky indeed. Poor weather over the weekend and possibly into Monday as well.
  4. I had a poor flare-out on one landing which my instructor turned into a “go-around”. We executed this reasonably well. We then had to do another go-around later in the lesson as the tower switched the circuit runway from 29 left to 11 right. So got some go-around practice in today!

But it was all good today. I handled 2 surprise engine failure simulations well.

Best indication so far that I’m making progress given John’s now set up the pre-solo checkride for me. Nearing that awesome first solo.

2 responses to “Day 9: Lesson 11 – 6th circuits lesson

  1. You’re getting very close to that big day – the solo! I noted your comments about those pilots who taxied the aircraft carelessly. Apron areas are not good places to be generally. When I was down at YBUN for my big week recently, one of the younger instructors returned to the office in a huff. He’d been on the apron to preflight one of the planes for a joyflight for a couple of tourists. As he started up, he saw a young bloke – another tourist – wander pretty close to the props! He had to open the door to yell at the guy to stay clear. Most non-pilots don’t understand what can go wrong even on the ground.

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