One week to go – and hoping for good weather!

Spent an hour and a half at my flying school on Saturday morning with my (lead) instructor, scheduling about 3 weeks worth of flying lessons. It was great to actually start to plan my program in detail. (Obviously the best-laid plans etc, especially with the vagaries of weather, but I think the general idea is to get a few weeks scheduled in so I’ve got access to training aircraft, then reschedule lessons individually if the weather steps in).

Based on my present level of knowledge, both instructors are quite comfortable with shooting for a couple of lessons each day where possible. Which is great for me – will make maximum use of my available time.

I will get experience in a variety of the club’s 10 or so Piper Warriors, my instructor believing that it’s healthy to do this to avoid a tendency that some people (apparently) have of developing a fixed preference for a single aircraft. Works for me. Some of our newer Warriors apparently have some modern cockpits including GPS gear, which will be fun to look at and play with, while others are older and have very “traditional” instrument panels, which I’m also keen to experience. At the end of it all I want to be able to fly any one of these aircraft anyway, so it makes sense to share the love around a bit.

I don’t really know what the weather outlook for next week is. No doubt I’m going to spend the entire week on tenterhooks until I calm down a bit and get a more zen-like approach to the weather. But the fact is that for the first 5 or 6 lessons I really need decent weather as these will be in the training area. As I start to approach my GFPT test and so solo work around the circuit, ideal weather won’t be quite so critical, but a good sunny couple of weeks would be most welcome right about now.

Unfortunately it looks as though Tuesdays will (for the time being) be non-flying days due to the availability of both of my instructors. Again, once I’m doing solo work this won’t be quite as bad as I can do circuit training on Tuesdays. For the mean time, I’ll just have to use these as ground study days.

Anyway, now in the countdown and am very excited. Life will be very different indeed for the next 8 weeks!


3 responses to “One week to go – and hoping for good weather!

  1. Ha ha. You’re hoping for sun, I’m hoping for cloud cover (neither of us want rain!). I’m thrilled for you that you are doing this.

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  3. Thanks Linda! Cloud cover of (say) scattered cloud with base at 4,000 feet above ground level would be fine for me … so our objectives are not totally divergent. But I suspect you want cloud a little lower and heavier.

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