Right, takeoff/landing and load calculation charts are under control

Did the 3rd BAK sample exam as mentioned yesterday, and nailed the “Piper Quebec” questions around takeoff, landing and load calculations.

Didn’t actually improve overall sample exam performance – scored a 77%, which means I really need to get my head more around some other stuff that I’m still not nailing, but by the sample exam’s standards, I’ve passed exams 2 and 3 after failing exam 1. I choose to take this as an extremely positive indicator that I’m across the BAK stuff sufficiently to start to do the PPL subjects.

But I definitely need to do more BAK revision and consolidation. Like to get my level of performance consistently above the 80-85% level.

CASA approvals

In tangential news, looks like CASA has completed my ASIC/AVID and Student License applications – woo-hoo! Look forward to getting those in the mail well in advance of day 1 on 28 Feb 2011.


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