BAK study progress – direction positive, but more study needed

So, finally snatched enough time this week to work through the second Dyson-Holland BAK (Basic Aeronautical Knowledge) sample exam I bought a few years ago.

The good news is, this time I passed! Pass mark of just over 80% (against the minimum 70% required), which is a definite improvement on my initial fail when I did the first sample exam nearly a month ago. Going back over the Air Law chapter definitely helped, along with having the relevant Civil Aviation orders and regulations, and the AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) on hand to reference during the sample exam (as allowed by the exam rules).

What I’m finding challenging still, are the questions relating to using take-off, landing and load charts for the “Piper Quebec” used in the sample BAK exam workbook. When I did these exams a few years ago I chose to do these questions for the “Cessna Papa”, for which (for some reason) I found the questions rather easier. But the take-off and landing charts for Piper Quebec are just a little more complex. Fortunately, worked answers are also included so I’ll go back over them with a fine tooth comb.

I’ll then do the 3rd sample BAK exam, and assuming a good outcome (better than 80% pass mark, and not struggling with take-off and landing charts) I’ll finish up on the BAK revision and tackle the PPL modules next. Goal is to have done a complete refresh of all this material by end February next year, and to be nailing the sample Bob Tait PPL exams I’ve just bought.

The theory is still pretty easy, the problem I’m having is simply one more child in my life, and a much more demanding job and schedule in general, than when I first took a run at this 3 years ago …


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