Okay, 1 December today and out to flying school to meet with the CFI. Gotta get his signoff on some paperwork – Student License application, and ASIC card application (Australian ID card required when you are on airport premises at airports with RPT flights).

No flying today – not part of the program, and anyway it’s raining like hell. But, one step closer to 28 Feb 2011, which is start day! Gonna suss out the CFI and have a wee chat about my flying plans, choice of instructor etc.

Also will canvas whether I can knock over some of the theory exams early. At present rate I’m not nailing the theory study exactly as well as when I first went through it 3 years ago – guess I just lack the head space and focus what with a busier family and work life than previously. But I’ll get there. In particular, need to nail the Air Law component, which is not hard, just details. In particular getting my head around the new Class D airspace regulations.

Anyway, it’s all good. Got all the materials together, loving my David Clark headset, it’s damn straight as light as a feather.


CFI seems like a good bloke – courteous and helpful. Suggested that March/April may have more possible rainfall than I had suspected – will just have to hope for a dry spell!

Signed/processed the forms, and I dropped them off directly at the CASA office at Bankstown Airport.


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