Origins – Why fly?

So I ask myself, 4 months out from starting my flying training, this simple question: Why do I want to fly?

The answer can be as complex, or as simple, as I – or you – like.

The simple answer is: because I utterly love flying. I love doing it, talking about it, reading about it, looking at pictures about it, hearing about it from others. I love the challenges – with which I’m about to be confronted – of learning to do it proficiently and safely. I love looking at the earth from the air. I love the idea of being able to move around with a freedom that few enjoy. I love the technical details and the risk management challenges involved. I even love airports.

(Serious aviation geek alert here, obviously. Reading what I just wrote, it comes across slightly pornographically. If so – well, guilty as charged.)

Perhaps the simple answer is not so simple. Then again, it’s a very nuanced thing. From what I can understand and have observed so far, people who love to fly for fun do it for a whole range of reasons – all of which might add up to the fact that, for them (and shortly for me), it’s a “way of life”.

There! That’s it. The simple answer is, I want to fly because, for me, it’s beyond an interest – it’s an abiding passion that I want to be a central part of the way I live.

The complex answer is … there are many formative influences and experiences from various stages of my life that have contributed to my passion for flying and perhaps help to illustrate the way I feel about aviation. I’ll write about these in my next post.

3 responses to “Origins – Why fly?

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  2. I fly because it has been an itch that waited to be scratched for over 40 years!

    • Yeah. I’ve had it bad since I was 25, and it’s kind of been in the DNA since I was about 10. It was only through some good fortune last year that I can be doing this now at nearly 41. Previously I had it pegged out at maybe 55, if I was lucky.

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